Uncategorized September 28, 2022

Three Questions You Should Ask Before Buying!

Sep 08, 2022


1.     Are you planning to stay for more than five years?


Yes, answer question #2

No, you skip to question #3


2.     Are you in a financially stable position?


Yes, proceed to question #3.

No, you should rent.


3.     Can you budget handle mortgage, taxes, maintenance, and other costs?


Yes, you should buy.

No, you should rent


Fun Facts if you decide to Buy:


1.     Buyers viewed an average of nine houses during their home search. (NAR, 2021)


2.     On average, buyers spend eight weeks searching for a home. (NAR, 2021)




If you decide to buy, hire a team to help you navigate the buying market. TeamERA can help with a checklist, the top listings, and knowledge of your community. ERA Real Solutions has been helping families for over 50 years. Contact our #ERATeam to help navigate your buying or selling real estate needs. Our commitment to our community and family is the same as we commit to our clients.