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Recipe for Success

Frequently Asked Questions in the Real Estate Industry

From the consumer side, buying or selling a home is an overwhelming task. It is a huge financial decision that affects the family directly. Most people do not take this decision lightly. It is sometimes a split decision to renovate their existing home or find a new one. It is the premise of the HGTV sitcom, Love It, or List It. The shows have popularity because it plays on the real emotion of making this life decision.

Do you Root for the Spouse who wants to stay or the one who wants to sell?

It is our human nature to be drawn to taking sides.  The show demonstrates an essential technique for making the best decision while purchasing a home. The core premise is the list of the pros and cons and the development of a plan that makes the decision and risk management of the conclusion more logical. If our feelings about a family home only worked that way, the family would always choose the renovated home. Family homes are not built on materialistic needs. It is the smell of the house, the traditions created in the space, and the memories we are afraid to lose if the location is not in our life again. During the holidays, this nostalgia is the epicenter of this dynamic.


Here are the ingredients and steps to follow a successful home purchase;



The ingredients to success in making a house a home lie in the traditions passed down. Holiday traditions do not need a location or people nearby; they need the love that created them.

ERA Real Solutions says this holiday season, enjoy the moment you have and bake your favorite recipe from your family recipe box. The smell of the family dog, grandmother’s apple pie, and laundry detergent that your mom used to wash your clothes growing up make a house your home. Our community mission is to merge traditions to create new ones in our new homes.

“Do you walk into your grandparents, parent’s, or aunt’s house already full from a meal, and walk through the door, and suddenly you are hungry for the smells of the home.”

This feeling is genuinely the warmth of home. The rest can be a list to ready yourself, but the recipe for success is being prepared and following realtors’ advice.